it is at the very moment i say “no more brands” that a gem appears. when i started the mstydon group i wanted to focus on sustainable practices, made in canada, brands with heart & soul, brands that made my being happy… and duffield fit that bill and then some.


behind the seams…

"My philosophy at Duffield Design is to create beautiful handmade clothing designed & manufactured in Canada using quality, natural & eco-textiles. I work on a traditional fashion calendar producing two collections each year, consisting of Fall / Winter and Spring / Summer. This slow fashion approach allows me to take the time required to design and produce quality garments.” - megan duffield


slow fashion revolution…

My focus is on developing timeless pieces that transcend age, essential pieces that become favourites in our everyday wardrobes. I encourage my clients to take the capsule wardrobe approach of buying less, buying quality and only buy what you need and love. I do my best every step of the way to ensure Duffield Design is produced with care for the people and the planet." - megan duffield

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represented by the mstydon group in western canada

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