just when I thought I had rounded out my agency, this amazing brand & company came into my life! i am so proud to have flagbarer as part of the mstydon family not only because of their amazing bags & such but also because of their heart, their soul and their purpose!

please check out not only their website but also the EcoEquitable site as well!


ready - set - recycle…

“Flagbarer is the flagship line of EcoEquitable. Turning iconic flags from our nation's capital into stylish goods for the urban explorer. Flagbarer encompasses all of the things which make Canada the envy of the world: hard work, community, iconic scenery, and craftsmanship”. - flagbarer.ca


handmade with some serious love…

“our designers and seamstresses come from a variety of backgrounds and work together to deliver outstanding pieces for the Flagbarer line. The heart and soul of our company is the people who make our products. Each piece is handmade in Canada and is as original as the person making it. “ - flagbarer.ca

f: /EcoEquitable // i: @/flagbarer // w: flagbarer.ca // w: ecoequitable.ca

represented by the mstydon group in all of canada

email misty@mstydon.com for more info - but also head over to the linesheets page & check them out!