the west coast of canada will always be home for the mstydon group, maybe not in offices but home is where the heart is. flannel foxes means home. starting with fall2018 let's get ff into your home too x

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our home & native land

Brittni and Mike grew up exploring Canada’s western provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, carrying a deep appreciation for what these lands have to offer. Flannel Foxes is a nostalgic brand inspired by life in the Canadian West. We take inspiration from our home and native land to bring you high quality, well designed, practical clothing. 


campfires - comfort - canada

The Flannel Foxes line is designed to compliment the Western Canadian lifestyle - made to be just as comfortable hanging by a campfire as living it up downtown. We believe that West Canada is Best Canada and want to share that, no matter where you live!

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represented by the mstydon group in western canada

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