hot dame is a brand near and dear to the mstydon heart because it is based in none other than edmonton, ab! that makes 2 amazing brands that are based so close to home!

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sister act…

“Jenny and Chelsea, sisters raised in Beaumont, AB, always had a desire for fashion while growing up in the heart of Alberta. That desire led them on the career path in modelling and a decade in retail management. In November of 2014, they started Hot Dame, to provide women and children with creative and high quality clothing and are proud to say is all made in Canada. Four years later and their little business is growing more than they could have ever expected.”

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fit to art to life…

“Hot Dame has always aimed to create clothing that fits all body types. This is achieved using spandex and bamboo materials, blending comfort with bold fashion. It starts with designing comfortable and flattering templates, with the idea in mind that all ladies would love to have Hot Dame as a staple in their wardrobe. Hot Dame loves to collaborate with Canadian artists to showcase their beautiful artwork, photos and digital images to create one-of-a-kind pieces you cannot get anywhere else.”

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