it is an insanely amazing feeling when I get to post these pages and represent brands that are not only full of stunning collections but who are also are designed/made by women I am proud to call my best friends! Eva not only is designing her own fashion collection (don't worry you'll see it soon) but also smashing out these amazing macrame pieces! 


not just a knot... 

Macrame has become Eva's passion and has been more then just a way to create but also a way to relax. The feel of the cord and the complex yet beautiful way you can knot, twist and tie cord into pieces of art gives her a great sense of joy. "I hope to continue creating and I hope the pieces I make are as beautiful to you as they are to me." -eva x


twisted | tangled | art

Knotted By Eva uses 100% cotton and 100% Bamboo string and cord to create bohemian inspired macrame pieces. From wall hangings to ornaments each pieces is handmade and unique. 

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represented by the mstydon group in all of canada

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