just when i thought the mstydon group was complete, emilie @ meemoza calls and well… how could you say no to retro-inspired, sustainable, ethical & made in canada?! it took us both a trip to calgary to finally meet but it was so worth it! playing up the family’s feminine, classy & conscious sides :)

2019 01 20_0986.jpg

all the feels…

“Our ultimate goal when we create, is that our pieces allow you to feel inside as well as outside. Through local co-production, the making of our clothes is entrusted to experienced seamstresses-partners located in Quebec. Since our inception, we have valued ethical and socially responsible work.” - meemoza.ca

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and the feel goods…

“Our commitment to nature is reflected in our passion for animals; as wild as proudly adopted. And by the choice of materials eco-friendly and natural quality, gentle to the environment and therefore for you. To find out more about the fabrics we use, visit the eco-friendly fashion section” - meemoza.ca

f: /meemoza // i: @meemoza // w: meemoza.ca

represented by the mstydon group in all of canada

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