the mstydon family has expanded overseas … all the way to Denmark with the amazing nümph!! nümph has no boundaries - they design and produce what they want, exactly how they want… producing pieces that highlight your personality in a whimsical & colourful way!

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all the good things…

“Our dream was to create a brand from scratch, which is different and stronger simply because nümph sums up our experiences and creativity: cutting edge, twisted, feminine and rough, vulnerable and strong. Like the nymphs in the fairy-tales who fearlessly and very confident of their own strength run through the forest – these are the thoughts behind nümph.” -

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By playing with shapes, details and hand-drawn prints, we design clothes for the optimistic, strong and independent woman, who draw attention by means of her own personal style. NÜMPH embraces our dreams, personalities and creativity: the whimsical and stringent, the feminine and cool. The vulnerable and strong. We dare to live out our dreams and ideas, because we trust our own creativity, competences and synergy between us.” -

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represented by the mstydon group in western canada

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