object local is not only some of the comfiest, softest, most amazing clothes I have ever worn but it also has the biggest heart behind it! read below more more info but also click through to the object local website & the cutting room website!

“Object Local is proud to be the first in-house brand of The Cutting Room. The Cutting Room is a work-learn Fashion Design Academy, where full time and part time Fashion Design Students learn in an environment where established brands product develop and produce.” - objectlocal.com


fashion with heart…

“Making a positive difference by giving back because who needs another sweatshirt unless it’s cool and doing good. Art imitating life, sometimes glorious and always with great purpose.” - objectlocal.com


fashions future…

“Producing local products matters to us, all our fabrics are sourced locally, we sew our garments in-house, work with local marketing teams, and print shops to create our digital content. Our graphic designers are local artists.  Our aim is not only to produce locally sourced and made garments but to do so with the least amount of carbon footprint. Working with the next generation of fashion designers we created a brand as a community. [All of this] allows us to be sustainable and innovative. We fuel the economy by creating jobs and The Cutting Room students an opportunity to elevate their knowledge and their experience in the fashion industry.” - objectlocal.com

f: /ObjectLocal // i: @objectlocal // w: objectlocal.com // w: the-cuttingroom.com

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email misty@mstydon.com for more info - but also head over to the linesheets page & check them out!