and because mstydon could not be complete without a little spanish flare - pepaloves joins the family! they are made for the streets & vintage inspired! and guess what - they are totally animal friendly!! animal prints NOT skins!!


spanish flare…

“Pepaloves draws inspiration from decades past. Our style is colorful, cheerful, naive, very lighthearted and funny, but also sweet and romantic, with a certain underground touch. Starting in the late 90’s as a family business, Pepaloves is now a leading Spanish fashion label renowned for offering unique prints, form-fitting silhouettes and trend-setting styles.”


ethical & responsible…

“At Pepaloves we are also proud to have implemented codes of conduct aimed at achieving ethical and responsible manufacturing of our clothing. We personally ensure that our manufacturers meet our standards in respect to the environment and the rights of workers involved in the production chain. We believe in a different way of doing things and we take personal responsibility to ensure our clothes are produced under fair working conditions.”

f: /PEPALOVESbyPepaKarnero // i: @pepaloves // w:

represented by the mstydon group in western canada

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