The mstydon group is a collective of lifestyle brands focused on ethical & canadian fashion! 

the story... 

hey all - misty-dawn here! The creative mind behind the mstydon group. Mstydon is my life, my passion and now my career! Not only do I have the blog (click me to read) but as of June 1 2018 the mstydon group is a fully operational wholesale agency representing 11 fashion brands such as preloved, jackson rowe, flannel foxes, faun, etc & 2 handmade brands :) *(check out the mstydon family of brands by clicking their names or under the wholesale tab)*

fashion has always been my passion, but without a super keen eye for drawing I never felt design was my forte! Photography was my main focus for a long time but as luck would have it there are a lot of photographers out there lol. So when opportunity came knocking in the form of a job offer to work in wholesale side of the fashion industry I jumped at it! From starting at an agency just as a worker, to being national sales manager for preloved, to now running my own agency with multiple brands, I have truly found my niche! This is what I am meant to do.

with a love of sales, meeting new people, travel, business & fashion, every single day I am living my dream. Someone asked me "what would you be doing if you weren't an agent?" honestly, I have no idea! I don't even think I would have my pop-ups if it weren't for me being an agent! My life would be totally different and I cannot even imagine what I would be doing. I guess at one point I wanted to be a lawyer but even then I can't see myself doing that now. This is me. This is mstydon. This is life - and boy do I love it <3


'Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion, you must light your own fire' - Elias Edward Lachance 12/05/90 - 04/14/11



Lamington National Park // Morans Falls // Australia // 2015