fiesta - siesta - tequila - repeat

i am kinda sick and tired of hearing all the bad press mexico is getting right now. so i decided to share my fave things to do in & around puerto vallarta, mexico. and some shit that really bugs me…

im a mexican, si?!

so as some of you may or may not know, my parents actually live in mexico for half the year now. they used to have a house in arizona but after years of spending 1-3 months at a time in mexico they decided thats the place they really wanted to be. so march 2018 they bought the condo in nuevo vallarta - just 15 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from downtown puerto vallarta! and man oh man they couldn’t be happier! i mean it helps that all their friends are here lol! beach walks everyday, afternoon dips in the pool, starbucks in the mornings, sun sun + more sun lol what more could you ask for?!

i want to say ive been to the condo probably 5 times now… including a month over christmas and well - right now haha i am in the airport *edit I am am now on the plane lol* **second edit - i kinda forgot about this blog & am now BACK in mexico again finishing it haha** . but before that we had stayed in the area more times than i can count.

my fave thing about having the condo here is the fact that it’s just another home for us. I come down with a carryon that has my work stuff in it and that is it. I have a closet here full of clothes & everything else I could need! we also have amazing wifi & cell service here so I can fully work from here and you wouldn’t be able to tell if I was at my house here, my house in Toronto or my house in Alberta! I have been down here for a week now and have worked every single day. I even have a desk & printer haha!

the paulson’s aka us lol are not the ‘stay on the resort all inclusive’ type people - and its totally okay if you are…but the whole next part talks about things to do off the resort!

vallarta adventures… my fave shit to do!

rhythm of the nights: best tour - so worth the price

cirque de sole meets booze cruise meets best fucking food meets a good fucking time! i think somewhere i heard it was rated #1 tour in pvr by the new york times or something… haha! beyond that, i have done it probably 10 times and its fucking awesome every time!!

you get all dressed up (if you want) and head over to the meeting place. you then get on the boat for a sunset cruise out to the show. I want to say you’re on the boat for probably an hour or so?! i don’t know really because it is beautiful and its an open bar so all that matters is not falling off… i mean enjoying yourself haha!

then you get to the island where the show is in a huge amphitheatre and dinner right on the beach - buffet style! both are fan-fucking-tastic and then back on the boat you go where there is again an open bar and the best night show ever!! its a whole evening of laughing and gorgeous pictures and living your best life!!

i am kinda sad i didn’t get one in this last 3 days i was here…

la dolce vita: yummy yummy

the best italian restaurant outside of italy!! there is a few around puerto vallarta but there is one right in nuevo too! great menu, great atmosphere, and even better food! i get the gnocchi bolognese & a glass… bottle of malbec when i go haha! dad loves the fettuccine alfredo & momma loves the chicken parmesan :)

pipi’s: mariachi bands + shrimp to die for

puerto vallarta’s hidden gem! easily one of my fave restaurants in the WORLD! no joke! if you love coconut shrimp this is the place to go - oh and burritos - ahhh and really anything authentic mexican lol but beware - the prices are great & the portions are huge!!! LOL i always say next time i go i am going to share but i love it so much i really cant. with the shrimp you get 8 or so huge coconut shrimp, full serving of steamed veggies, rice pilaf, mashed potatoes, fresh fruit… and i think something else… but this is all on one huge plate!! lol the margaritas are strong too haha OH and they prepare fresh guacamole for you right at the table and it is the best i’ve ever had - just kidding momma vickis is the best but she wouldn’t make it yesterday so mom when you read this i am angry…

san pancho - sayulita - punta mita - bucerias: autentico mexicano

first of all the drive is BEAUTIFUL!! the rainforest up there is to die for!! and the little markets on the way up have the best fruit! but i guess i should start from the beginning.

what you’ll need to do is - and maybe the hotel will help - is hire a driver & car for the day! this is not a “tour” you want to do with a huge group of people you don’t know. take you and your spouse or your friends or whoever you are there with and go just yous. you’ll want to see the amazing beach @ san pancho… no joke its like a km thick and like the whitest almost-sand-dunes ever!! its quiet & calm & peaceful. if you mediate, do it here… because the rest of the trip is all noise and fun!

next you’ll hit sayulita - i always say this is where the hippies came in the 70’s and never left!! its 100% a goooooood time! actually over christmas a couple of friends and i ripped up and stayed at a hostel there for a couple nights and it was rad! you’ll want to lunch here @ don pedros - best food right on the beach! overlooking a scene from some 70’s movie with bright colored umbrellas and a million surfers in the water! wander around the streets for some happy balls… haha yup they are a decoration lol and some amazing little souvenirs but also for cute clothes and authentic mexican street food! thanks ruby if you’re reading this for the awesome taco night!!

rent a golf cart in sayulita and head out to some hidden quiet beaches where you could sometimes be the only ones on them! when you’re done there you’ll head down to the gorgeous views @ punta mita where eva and I had our ‘free the nipple’ moment haha!

and lastly you can hit up some awesome places to eat in bucerias and a tequila tour at mama lucias! buy the cafe & vanilla tequila and mix them together over ice.. omg. and then you’re spent and ready for bed haha!

yo-yo-mo’s, drunken duck, chaser’s: sports bars & pubs with live musica!

between nuevo & bucerias you can find the best little pubs with the best food & the best drinks whether you want to listen to live music or watch all the games that are on that day in one pub lol. when in doubt, ask someone where to go :)

and most importantly: walk the beach, relax, get a tan, and live your best life!

now… the shit that bugs me…

i have heard alot of bad news about things in mexico over the last little bit & i just want to take a second to let you know some of MY TRUTHS about mexico. i am not saying they are right or wrong or whatever, but i have spent a ton of time here over the last 10+ years…

  1. i drink the tap water in our condo & eat the ice where ever i go - never been sick. have a glass in front of me right now.

  2. i eat street tacos and they are the best fucking tacos i’ve ever had

  3. you need to drink a little extra water down here because of the heat & humidity. and if you mix too much heat with “free” alcohol and not enough water you can very easily get heat stoke… similar symptoms to food poisoning!

  4. i have stayed in hostels here & met some amazing people from around the world

  5. mexicans are naturally friendly & amazing people; they are NOT put here to wait on you hand and foot and they deserve respect for the hard work they do.

  6. i get all my dental work done here - its cheaper and honestly better quality that any dentist i personally have been to in canada. just got a crown done for $400 vs the $1500 it costs in canada…

  7. we buy tons of food from street carts & local vendors rather than chain stores to support locals & get the freshest food! we were just driving to get tattoo eyeliner done & bought two pinas (pinapples) for 25pesos from a truck on the side of the road at an intersection. so fresh that even uncut they smelled up the whole truck!

  8. the services you can get here are fast, professional, clean & outstanding. including doctors visits, tattoos, cosmetic surgeries, tattooed makeup, facials, tours, nails, lashes etc. at a cost that is affordable for us while providing a decent salary for them

  9. the beaches… my god!! clean, stunning, ours ever had gold flakes in the sand! you can walk for miles uninterrupted. theres also mountains here that are almost a better view than the beach sometimes :)

  10. we drive here incase you didn’t gather that haha its different… they have different traffic lights than we do lol but otherwise its exciting!

most importantly - i have NEVER felt unsafe, uneasy or unwelcome anywhere i have gone at anytime!!

and just for shits & giggles - here are some fun facts about mexico:

  • The official name of Mexico is Estados Únidos Mexicanos (United Mexican States)

  • North America’s largest wildcat is the jaguar, which roams the jungles of Mexico.

  • There is no official language in Mexico, but Spanish is the de facto national language. There are also 68 recognized regional languages spoken among Mexico’s native peoples.

  • The Chihuahua dog originated from the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

  • Mexico introduced to the world many popular foods including: chocolate, avocado, tomato, vanilla, courgette (zucchini), and various beans and chillies.

  • Mexico has the world’s largest Spanish speaking population at 121 million. The US is second on the list with 52 million (of which 41 million are native Spanish speakers). Colombia has 48 million, and Spain has 46 million Spanish speakers.

  • Caesar Salad was invented in Mexico.

  • Mexico City is bigger than New York City.

  • Colour TV was invented in Mexico. In 1942, a guy named Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena created the chromoscopic adaptor for the early colour tv transmission system. The first transmission was aired in 1946.

  • thank you to - where i totally stole these from lol

anywho - its pool time now!

p.s check out my amazing new bedding down here! I am DYING - got it in bucerias from our fave textile vendor <3

chat soon x misty-dawn


It’s 2:30am…

And as exhausted as I am, I cannot sleep. So here I am, laying in bed thinking about all the things that apparently my brain doesn’t have time to bother me with during normal business hours… and hey, I have to think them so you obviously get to read them!

2019 has already been a little nuts but looking back at 2018 is even crazier. So many amazing things happened - like the official start of my agency, a couple of pop-ups, meeting some amazing new peoples, tons of traveling, new car haha, new brands, couple new tattoos lol! And some not so great things happened - like losing people who I never thought I would lose in life. “Losing people” is such a funny term - I know where they are, I know they are alive, they are just no longer part of my life but for some reason we say we lost them. Why do we fight for people who don’t want to be a part of our lives? Why does it hurt more to lose the people who chose to leave when you’ve begged them to stay? Why… oh yeah and my heart thing! That kinda sucked in 2018 haha!


Going into 2019 I have no resolutions. I have no new year new me philosophies. And I have no expectations for a big change in myself this year. [okay but I am still pushing through my 2018 resolution of cutting my waste back such as no longer buying bottled water, using straws, using any plastic bags, but most of all I cut back on my food waste!] What I have this year is a very strange sense of self awareness & ambition when it comes to my business. I have a plan for the year and with a little luck and some long ass days it should happen; theoretically!

Not saying that ^^ doesn’t come with its own set or anxieties but they make yoga and a couple pills for that right?! Lol

The plan…

so basically at this point my plan is to - as Tianna put it when I was taking care of her 3 kids (who are 5, 4 & 3 lol); SURVIVE!

The shows…

a huge part of running a wholesale agency is attending buying shows which basically is a huge trade show/market when we agents bring samples of our designers’ collections and retailers write orders for their shops there! Shows are great because you get to meet a ton of new people in a very short people of time - along side running your meetings with your regulars!

I also should mention prep for these show started months ago, calling & emailing for appointments!

This season I am doing KNOWSHOW Vancouver / Jan 15-18, THREDZ Toronto / March 2-5 & TRENDS Edmonton / March 6-10! And I am fucking stoked, not only because I have attending KNOWSHOW & trends before and loved it but because thredz is brand spankin new and should be great!!

The six…

In the middle of attending all these shows I actually move … in 18 days - like officially pack up all my shit and call Toronto home!! This is huge - and scary - and exciting - and nerve wracking! And why I decided to do it smack in the middle of my busy season I will never know but hey, why not!!

I already miss my friends here and I haven’t even moved yet - 2018 has really shown me who is really there for me no matter what! And leaving them is going to suck…

The frenzy…

Ready… set… GO!!! Okay - I go from Vancouver next week home to pack - then I drive to Toronto with all my shit - work in Toronto for a month - go to thredz - fly to Edmonton on a red eye for trends - back to BC maybe to finish up some appointments there - then back to Toronto - back to DV in April to run a workshop at the I am empowered women’s conference - back to Toronto to start mid season sales - back to DV for may long weekend because I promised my best friends I would always be home for May long - then back to Toronto for the start of summer to maybe unpack some boxes?! Haha somewhere in there I have to get to New York for a few days, Montreal for a few days, maybe in the summer I’ll take a work trip out to the Maritimes scouting stores… no sooner does that cycle end but KNOWSHOW summer is Right around my birthday in July!! The 14-16 I think?! So it’s back to Vancouver and legit that whole cycle starts all over again!!! Minus the speaking at the conference, and may long… but I also promised I would always be home for Halloween?! So I have to do that… sheesh can I go back to Mexico yet!!

I think this is why I can’t sleep… my calendar looks like a multi pack of highlighters threw up in it after a 4 day bender…

The reason…

this is what I am meant to do - this is what I am meant for - this is what I will be the fucking bomb at!!

So wish me luck haha somewhere in there I said I needed a bit of luck yeah?!

Anyways I think maybe it’s time to sign off for a bit & try again to get some sleep… which, let’s face it, just means I am going to turn on f•r•i•e•n•d•s and wonder how I ended up older than all them haha!!

edit: it’s now 3:16 & I think this babble fest is ready to post!

Feliz Año Nuevo ✨

chat soon x misty-dawn


don't be an asshole...

the thing is, you actually have no idea what people are going through… and today reminded me of that!

check this out:

honestly, i wasn’t going to post about this, hell i barely even told anyone when I ended up in emerg from my heart acting up so bad. (sorry marissa & houston probably should have told you) but then i made this collage image and i don’t know, something about it said BLOG BITCH!!

so here goes… this is how i spent my day today - these photos were 10 seconds apart… first image, seemingly normal… second, reality. i was hooked up to a heart monitor. still am actually as I write this. there is something wrong and we don’t know what it is yet. but could you tell that from how i was walking around?! nope… okay except for the people who i flashed for shits & giggles lol but not the point, the point is i smiled all damn day; i laughed and was seemingly normal, all while worrying what this monitor was going to find.


and the thing is, this isnt the first time I went through something like this. in 2015 i had to come home from australia for tests on my stomach lesions. one of the tests involved a probe being shoved up my nose, and down into my stomach. that probe was attached to a tube, which was taped to the side of my face, looped around the back of my ear and attached to a little computer purse that i had to push buttons on all the time. 24 hours with that sucker lol ooo hell yeah totally just found a photo!! LOOK lol


gnarly right…. yes my hair was dark… lol

anyway the point of this isn’t about all my medical issues - because lets face it, thats too long for a blog. its about the fact that people need to learn to be kinder to each other. you literally have ZERO idea what people are going through on a daily basis!

it doesn’t cost a dime to be kind - it doesn’t hurt you to smile - it doesn’t harm you in anyway to be a good person. the problem today is people are so worried about being offensive and getting offended and so much fucking goddamn bullshit that we are forgetting one thing… us.

we are forgetting that, we, as white, black, brown, yellow, green, blue, purple what-the-fuck-ever color, what-the-fuck-ever gender (don’t get me wrong, 2 bathrooms people… safety first), what-the-fuck-ever age, what-the-fuck-ever religion, what-the-fuck-ever anything you fucking identify with that day humans are just that; HUMANS. we are all basically the same. i mean if you’re catholic you believe we all came from the same single being!! (i think?! sorry my religion knowledge is a little lax) we all have a skeleton, we all have basically the same organs inside like say hearts lol, or livers, or small intestines… we all have skin, we all have all the basic human things. and yet all we are worried about is which human is better than the other? which race is being treated worse, which politician has the best hair, which human is offending the other more, which human is hurting the other more… and for what?? we are not making any progress in the world at all!!

what we really don’t need is more assholes in this world. guess what, we all have one… doesn’t mean you need to act like one…

so next time you’re walking down the street, fucking SMILE!! did you know smiles are contagious?! unless you’re a sociopath then I mean fuck you lol but seriously smile!! it makes people feel good! a person came into my store today when i was fussing with stupid monitor, hugged me and told me they were going to pray for me. don’t even know who they were, but they were praying for my health.

that person you flipped the bird at while you were driving today… do you think they are 100% okay?! that person behind a till that you yelled at or used the famous “get me your manager” line at… you think they were all hunky dory?! can you honestly tell me that if you knew for a fact that your actions could possibly lead to someone thinking badly about themselves, maybe even to the point of self harm that you would keep doing it? … that young person at the counter could be struggling to overcome an illness and you just yelled at them for what? that person you flipped the bird to could be driving cautiously because they just lost someone in a car accident? and that woman who owns a clothing store in a small town that you just ignored when she said HI to you could have a heart monitor hooked up to her under her shirt with the weight of the world riding on these results… and you couldn’t even smile back?

re-reading that i am thinking, if you’re relating to the asshole side there maybe you’re not okay either… and if you aren’t, I am sending you a virtual hug - because you’re a human and you deserve one.

don’t be an asshole - stop taking your shit out on everyone else & just worry about being a good person. because at the end of the day that is all that matters.

chat soon // misty-dawn x


doing things in 5's...

you know how when you turn the volume up or down most people have to have it on an even number or a weird quirk like that?! Mine’s 5’s lol it usually sits on a 0 or 5 to make my OCD happy, so when one of my friends asked for another blog post about my lists (yes that you Korney) it obviously had to be about my top 5’s in life.

misty-dawn’s top 5’s :)

top 5 movies:

  1. beauty & the beast - the cartoon obviously. I apparently made my daddy watch it so much one day that he got me my own TV lol!

  2. ghost - ahh the most heartbreaking love story between patrick & demi!

  3. just go with it - actually though, I love adam sandler almost always LOL

  4. national treasure - as a family we watch nt1 & 2 on christmas day every single year. I dont know why but we do and I love it!

  5. the devil wears prada - proving that ordinary girls like me and can bust into the fashion industry & kill it!

top 5 style icons:

  1. blake lively

  2. jackie kennedy

  3. drew barrymore

  4. sophia loren

  5. mary-kate & ashley olsen

top 5 books:

  1. chances by jackie collins - okay, the entire santangelo series is my all time forever favourite. There is at least 10 book that focus on the lives of Gino Santangelo & his daughter Lucky. Lucky is my idol. Strong, hardassed, business woman who is fighting her way to the top in a man’s world.

  2. slammed by colleen hoover - okay… this list sucks… because I love authors not books so hang on…

top 5 authors:

  1. jackie collins - the santangelo series in particular, but everything that woman wrote was gold!

  2. colleen hoover - emotional rollercoasters that are just so real and so relatable and so fucking honest that you cant help but either bawl your fucking eyes out or laugh so hard!

  3. max monroe - who actually is a due of Max & Monroe! the books are, deadly LOL they are hot, steamy, funny, sad, fucking everything lol! Don’t listen to them in public though… when i said hot i meant HAAWWWTTTTT!!!! I love the billionaire bad boy series but I think my fave mm book is Alex in Wonderland!!

  4. jennifer probst - the searching for series is what started me on jennifer’s books and I was instantly hooked! just enough reality mixed with a bit of hopeful magic <3

  5. so… I went scrolling through my kindle & audible app to find who else I love and thats really it… LOL i have all of the books by all of these authors and now my OCD is going crazy because I don’t have a 5th author!!

top 5 tv shows:

  1. greys anatomy

  2. friends

  3. bones

  4. criminal minds

  5. gossip girl

top 5 bands/artists:

  1. spice girls… duh! I am a 90’s baby after all

  2. the eagles - take it easy <3

  3. anthem lights - I am obsessed with their covers right now!

  4. george ezra - his voice is just so mesmerizing

  5. justin timberlake - I actually love his music, don’t judge me!

top 5 countries I have already been to: (not including canada lol)

  1. australia - missing my aussie family so much!

  2. mexico - lol and not just for taco’s & tequila. but I love the mexican vibe all around!

  3. italy - pasta & history… yup

  4. germany - I can’t wait to go back! I loved berlin and theres so much more to learn and explore!

  5. fiji - the clearest, bluest ocean ever!

top 5 countries I want to go to next:

  1. egypt

  2. bora bora

  3. india

  4. cambodia

  5. sweden

top 5 restaurants:

  1. barrio cerveceria - toronto, can

  2. abby road - melbourne, aus

  3. aioli seafood - parksville, can

  4. pipis - puerto vallarta, mex

  5. peppino's - brooklyn, usa

top 5 adventures/experiences:

  1. scuba diving/wreck diving/diving with sharks - all over, aus

  2. auschwitz-birkenau - poland

  3. the new york public library - nyc, usa

  4. pasta cooking lessons - rome, itl

  5. driving across canada <3

  6. that time korney & I almost got arrested in mexico hahah!!! kidding, I was fucking scared lol we actually were fine, I am a drama queen. Gio was in more shit than us LOL

top 5 fears:

  1. the dark

  2. clowns

  3. not talking to my family everyday

  4. failure

  5. things in my ears lol

phewff!!! made it to 10 lists LOL!!

I think its bed time :) I am fucking tired lol. I am in the process of setting up the mstydon pop-up-shop for the 3rd time! And its nuts! The shop is opening for two months this time and there is so much shit in there it’s unreal!! yall better come shop lol! and on top of that, the mstydon family has been growing steadily! I went from 2 brands as of june 1st to 12 brands - possibly 13 - as of today! LOL

Promise my next blog will be way better ;)

night yall!

chat soon // misty-dawn xx

photo cred: korney lol

oh and p.s. the minimalist thing… kinda going okay?! will update next time LOL

top 5 bolog photo.JPG

me the minimalist

hey all - so yeah I kinda went MIA again! Not overly by choice - its been a crazy summer already! Between started up my agency and really diving in head first, to literally spending the last 5 days with the most awful cold ever! Yes friends, I am a woman who caught a man cold! THE WORST kinds of cold because they are just so much more dramatic and exhausting! Needless to say, spending two days by the pool with some amazing friends was well deserved over this long weekend haha! 

"what are you writing about next?!" - every one of my handful of friends LOL

honestly no idea. I thought when I started this blog that I would have ideas pouring out of me. Yeah not so much lol! Life gets busy, life gets boring, life is life. This summer I have been in toronto for a week and then out to vancouver for a week and then home for a few days and then here I am back in toronto! And trust me, the next 2 months doesn't settle down much! I will be selling 4 brands - YES 4, don't worry I will update the wholesale page soon so yall are up to date too - my brother from another mother Tom is coming to canada for the first time from australia, I am taking him on a tour of well... canada haha! And then back to mexico again in there somewhere?! I don't know I have already lost track lol. Anyways the point was that thinking of shit to write about sometimes isn't easy! 

>> warning this is a long post - I don't know why don't judge me <<

right before my first trip to toronto this summer I wanted to really look into starting to transition my lifestyle into a more minimalist way. Crazy right?! ME!! But the truth is I don't thrive in chaos like I used to. I am almost 30, my university lifestyle doesn't cut it anymore. So like anyone my age I took to pinterest to help get started and it turns out minimalism according to pinterest is kinda bullshit. 


yeah yeah - hold your fucking panties I don't mean total bullshit, just kinda bullshit.  

 I just mean that its fucking hard to pick a 'pin' and decide that THAT is how you are going to live your life now! One of the first things that came up was a 30 day minimalism challenge. 

#1 Purge your wardrobe - okay, not so bad. I mean I needed to go visit Chelsea @ the consignment store in dv anyway! *SHOUT OUT to the polka dot boutique in dv* And thats it, thats day 1! Moving on, #2 Clean your handbag - #3 Toss out old socks - #4 get rid of digital devices - #5 Empty your wallet - how did this challenge all of a sudden start looking like a to-do list for a weekend clean up?! 

I didn't make it much farther than that into the list - I mean challenge - after that (I'll attach it for yall though) because I realized that I had no idea how minimalism was going to fit into MY life. So then I had to ask - what is it? What the fuck is minimalism? Is it honestly just cleaning out your shit, loving your friends more, meditating and journaling? Because I do that and I don't feel more grounded like they say. And then I came across this: 

"minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from it" ― Joshua BeckerSimplify: 7 Guiding Principles to Help Anyone Declutter Their Home and Life

what are the things I value most? and what distracts me from them? 

I just opened a whole other can of worms with that one - but I decided I am going to work in 7's. I picked 7 things that I wanted to focus on - there are 7 days in a week - I am reading a book that talks about the 7 guiding principles to help declutter & shit - and I like to gamble so those 7's popping up are all sorts of good luck right?!

Here it is folks 

Misty-dawn's full attempt at minimalism!! 

My 7 weekly focuses: 

#1 Wake up & eat breakfast before diving into work - of course I check my phone when I wake up but I want to start my mornings off for me, not my phone.  Goal: 5 out of 7 mornings I will not jump into any work that is not emergent until I am done eating breakfast. 

#2 Practice mono-tasking - I have always been a multi-tasker but as I get older I see that my tasks are becoming more important and deserve my full attention. Goal: 2 hours each day are solely dedicated to getting through a mono-task to-do list, whether it if work or personal. 

#3 Keep my inboxes clear - I am famous for never deleting emails and it is starting to make life really hard. Having to sort, getting those pesky "your inbox is almost full" notifications, and well I get 80+ new emails a day... Goal: Every sunday I will take 45mins and clean out old emails, or emails that are of no use anymore.  

#5 Tidying daily - Please like this post if yall remember the 10 second tidy! Thats the plan, I hate waking up to a little mess I made the day before and having to grudgingly deal with it. Goal: 10 minute daily tidies. Getting rid of clutter, stress & mess. 

#6 - Having less "stuff guilt" - Yes I made it up but yes its a thing. I feel so guilty getting rid of "things" whether they are clothes or gifts or random shit from other countries. But I do NOT have room in my life for the guilt or the stuff. Goal: When purging or tidying if I come across something I feel I should get rid of but feel the "stuff guilt" I will write down in a journal my favourite memory of that thing or who gave it to me or whatever, take a picture of it, and then donate it. Written memories last way longer than things do. 

#7 - Intentional spending - This is probably my biggest challenge. Goal: When making a purchase, this item must have a purpose and will answer questions such as "Do I need it? Do I have something like it? Will I use it daily, weekly? Where will I store it?" No more impulse buying. 

All 7 days of the week will be changed with 4 of the 7 focuses - these will eventually turn into habits and I will have to modify and move forward. But a start is a start :)

No I am not a "minimalist" according to social norm - my chaos is by no means under control yet - but my life is my life and I cannot wait to see the effect these minimal changes will have! And don't worry, you'll hear about all the ups and downs lol

But for now, #5 is calling my name after fully completing #2 :) 

chat soon // misty-dawn x

mstydon - an empire

if you would have asked me 5 years ago if I could see myself where I actually am today I would have laughed! first of all - 5 years ago I was... jesus sorry that took a moment lol!! I was just starting my sales career doing hard time at greyhound courier, where I learned that men can be assholes, women can be twats and that this Courtney bitch is going to be my hound-dog for life!! (fast forward a year and we are sitting in Italy on a Contiki tour together LOL) But it was an amazing first job out of university! I had just finished my degree the december before and hit the ground running! I had one of the most amazing sales managers who I ended up following to mustang after he left greyhound - mainly because the new sales manager was a c*nt.. sorry theres no other word for him. 

"if it wont matter in 5 years - don't waste a minute worrying about it today" - unknown

haha I know perfect quote right?! 5 years ago I don't even know what my biggest worries were?! Making rent, getting to Toronto to visit my then boyfriend. and now - things are changing so fast I can barely keep up! remember that blog I wrote a while ago "what is it you do now?!" - well its not even accurate anymore... thats how fast my life is changing! 

PAUSE - Tianna just walked into my store LOL oh yeah the pop-up-shop is open again haha! BRB!! **15 minutes later** Okay I am back :) 

so as I was saying, the mstydon group has evolved again!! I was working for preloved as their national sales manager and loving life - but you know me, always working towards world domination. by chance, I came across a brand that needed a rep out east and I jumped at the opportunity! (I mean its jackson rowe - wouldn't you?!) what does this mean now?! it means the mstydon group now has a wholesale fashion agency division to it - representing not one but two amazing brands! and hopefully a few more within the next week or so here! 

>> <<

the mstydon group is actually becoming the little empire that I have always wanted but had no direction for! new logos - new structure - new mstydon!! I still do photography, I still run the blog obviously, I have the pop-up-shop & now the agency! this is the opportunity of a lifetime and I plan to make the most of every second of it. 

"everything has changed - yet I am more me than I have ever been" - iain thomas

I cannot wait for this selling season coming up - Jules & I are in the KNOWSHOW & SPRY show with preloved, I am taking jackson rowe out east for the first time & I am always looking for room to move onward and upward! 

I honestly think the best part of my life is meeting all the people that I do! every single day I talk to someone new or meet someone new & I am so happy to have developed not only working relationships with these amazing men & women, but also friendships! I love all the different kinds of relationships they are too - starting with the brilliant Jules & Yuko @prelovedjules // @prelovedtoronto and Julia & Dana @xo_jacksonrowe and all the knowledge they come with to being able to just text Deb @simplybeautifulto in Toronto to hear about the junction. from contacting Cherry @cherrys_fashion_agency to tap into her mountains of wisdom, to turning to the amazing Kerry & Ariel from @dexclothing or Michelle & Kaitlyn @ellesclosetboutique for fashion tips & tricks. aaannnddddd to of course (without picking favourites) having a good laugh with (or at lol) my girls @birchhillstudio - Sierra & Kaitlyn!!

** ^^ I put all these instagram handles in there on purpose - go follow them!! ^^ **

and yes you read that right - Julia aka Jules @ preloved & Julia @ jackson rowe lol! how did I get so lucky?! I could ramble on forever about all these people but I am sure you're attention span is getting short lol and honestly I am done work for the day & just ready to go sit on my deck with a cider!

I feel like every year I forget how much I miss spring/summer in Drayton Valley! this May Long was absolutely one for the books - I cannot even blog about it because so much happened, while so much didn't happen at the same time lol TO THE SWAAAAMMMPPPPPP LOL!! 

"do no harm - but take no shit" - unknown

Well... wish me luck!! I cannot wait to share this journey with you - all 14 of you that read this haha! Yall rock!! 

chat soon // misty-dawn x


new logos - new me

well not really - but I am so excited to launch the new mstydon logos!! One for the entire site, pop-ups, photography... everything I do basically! And the other specially for this bad boy- my blog!!

thank you so much to Travis Sarvas @ Sarvas Design Co. for creating these amazing logos for me!! not only did you nail exactly what I wanted but you truly used your knowledge of me as a person in your creations!! 

if anything needs anything design related please check out Travis!! 

Chat soon // misty-dawn x

how to lose a guy in 30 days...

"true or false: all is fair in love & war" // "true" // "great answer" // "great question" - the classic first date question exchanged between Andie Anderson & Benjamin Berry. 

I have recently learned that no matter how perfect things appear - relationships are just a jenga tower waiting to come crashing down. Okay - so maybe this blog post might be a bit of a rebuttal and possibly a bit cynical but it my fucking blog :) 

So, how does one lose a guy in 30 days you ask?! Well let me tell you... 

Firstly - meet on tinder... because every epic love story starts with "One upon a swipe". Lol no for real?! I mean, how else are people meeting now-a-days!? And this is where my story starts. Let me introduce you to Bob, a hard working country boy with the most amazing green eyes you have ever seen. He swiped right... hmm maybe I need a fun name too - Beatrice LOL Where was I?! Oh yeah - Bob swiped right, Beatrice swiped right! Both on Valentines day of all days. And instantly there was a spark. They spoke for hours via tinder, then via text, and then came their first phone call. 5 hours... 5 fucking hours they talked on the phone for. Beatrice knew then and there that this man was fucking epic, and she was a goner! 

Secondly - be 100% yourself... because the man or woman who is your partner for life should know the deepest darkest things that make you tick, right?! Be open, be receptive, be honest and be real. This is probably the hardest thing for Beatrice. Long story short, Beatrice only had two major relationships before and with one she had to be all country; and the other all city. But truth be told, she is a 50/50 split. She felt amazing being 100% herself with Bob. Bob got it because he was the same! He appreciated art, architecture and the abyss that is the city - while spending time on the family farm and out on the lake. They had hit the jackpot. Beatrice felt incredibly lucky - and Bob thought for sure he was the lucky one. 

Thirdly - talk about your future... because "you should be excited about our future together" as Bob once said. Let yourself dream, believe and hope! I mean come on - its not like you're getting any fucking younger! Beatrice wants to be married to her best friend; she wants to have that cant-eat-cant-sleep-reach-for-the-stars-over-the-fence-world-series kind of love; she wants the Dominic to her Letty - the Brian to her Mia - the shot of whiskey to her glass of wine. "Ride or Die, Remember?" - Dominic to Letty </3 So they did - they talked about what their wedding would be like, what his last wedding was like, where they would live, how they would decorate, the puppy he would buy her for their house warming, the man cave/garage he would have for their classic cars and the car he would buy her for their first wedding anniversary. Beatrice was so scared that any time they spoke about any thing remotely futuristic that he would bolt... or that she would bolt!! But then Bob said the one thing that Beatrice needed to hear; she was everything he ever wanted in life and she couldn't shake him that easy. 

Fourthly - plan the family meeting... because your family should be a top priority always! Bob surprised Beatrice by actually making an effort here!! He fucking booked flights to attend Beatrices' brother's wedding. Jerry & Emma were to be married in just two months so it was very exciting that Bob was going to make it out!! Okay - so this part of the story Beatrice has a hard time telling without tears so... next!!! 

Fifthly - be excited about how well the other will fit in with your friends... friends are very important - well to Beatrice anyway!! And she could not wait until the day she got to introduce everyone to Bob! They were going to love him!! Not only did he make her happy but he was the most perfect man anyone could ask for for Beatrice! And she could not wait until she got to meet Bob's main peoples - meeting the people that make your man tick is the best!! All the good juicy stories, embarrassing photos etc etc etc!! HAHA!! Annddd there is the tears again... Beatrice is kind of a pussy and is crying for no good reason!!! Quick... 

Sixthly - tell each other how happy the other one makes them... and ladies, let him tell you how happy you make him; let him tell you how he is the lucky one, because I promise you it is the best feeling in the world. 

Seventhly - have the exact same taste in car movies - and nicolas cage movies... 

Eighthly - miss each other... 

Ninthly - spend every second you can getting to know something new about each other... 

and finally - make sure you pay more attention to time changes when your on the other side of the world from the other and WISH HIM A HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN THE MORNING NOT THE AFTERNOON!!!!! Y'all think I am joking here but Beatrice is very serious about this one... because exactly 30 days from that first swipe, this is how she lost her guy. 

Now - I am sure you are wondering what in the actual fuck?! Me to - so basically Beatrice was working away on the other side of the world all the while being so excited to wish Bob a Happy Birthday! She loved birthdays - not only did she have a surprise for him that night when he woke up (time change is a bitch) but she was planning on surprising him with flights she booked to go see him a few days after she was back in Canada! Okay and realistically she bought him a cheesy tourist gift too LOL!! Anyways - so the day is going by and she is dead set that that night was when Bob would wake up on his birthday... ya well no!? Even though she was a day ahead over there, her vaca/work blur put her a day behind. Bob had to then remind her that it was his birthday and she felt like absolute shit!!! How did she fuck that up?! Don't ask - those tears happen again!! But she did - and no matter how much she apologized he had changed. 

"... because you can't lose something you never had!" - Andie Anderson

He was cold & stopped doing all the amazing things previously mentioned; stopped taking her calls and texts, and made Beatrice's anxieties go bat shit crazy!! She knew it was over... he didn't even have to say good bye for her to know. She had broken his heart and he was breaking hers in return... 

She believed him - she believed everything he said - she was happy - she finally felt good enough - she felt like she had known this man for years - and she thought she would know him for years to come. But she fucked up... by 10 hours. 8pm is not good enough... her sorries were not good enough... she was not good enough... 

"I didn't fail, I found 2,000 ways how not to make a light bulb; I only need to find one way to make it work." Ben Gates - national treasure

"I didn't fail, I found yet another way to lose a guy. And hopefully one day I find one way to make it work." - Beatrice... 

Chat soon // misty-dawn x


another day - another hotel

If there is one thing I have learned about living on the road - it's how to deal with hotels! And because I am sitting in a hotel in Regina, SK right now, on route home to AB, I decided y'all needed to hear...

mstydon's hotel tips + shit

'to travel is to live' - unknown

Okay... so these are no so much 'tips' as much as shit I know about hotels LOL

#1 - when looking for a hotel I book nothing less than a 4 (on a scale of 5) in the guest rating for - this is actually huge for me. I don't like germs, I have had an awful bed bug experience, and I just generally am fussy about where I lay my head!! My theory is that people will always say when shits bad, and speak up less when it's good! So if the hotel has a 4/5 rating or higher when there are 100+ reviews that means its awesome!! Go through the reviews, find all the worst ones and see what they say. 9 times out of 10 its "noisy" or "hard beds" or "staff sucked" - people just bitching to bitch... when it says "bugs" RUN!!! 

#2 - if driving (which I usually am) ALWAYS check for parking & parking costs - this honestly can fuck ya real good!! I rocked up to a hotel actually here in Regina I think once, FUCK YEAH $98 hotel room, brand new hotel, fucking stoked... $50 to park my fucking car!!!!!!!!! WHAT?! Needless to say I check the "free parking on premises" filter all the time now!! 

#3 - always carry a tiny spray bottle of diluted tea tree oil - that aus life LOL kidding! Started this long before Australia. Tea tree oil has soooo many uses and is easily my favourite essential oil! I give the bed and pillows, doorknobs, around the window and bathroom a quick spritz. Not only does it get rid of that hotel smell, it disinfects, prevents mildew, bla bla blaaa AND repels creepy crawlies! (like spiders, dust mites and bed bugs) PLUS I love using it on my skin and shit but thats a totally different post. 

#4 - when not booking through an online agent like always check the bill - there are always weird charges, like the tourist levy - not one hotel manager EVER has been able to say where that money goes to... But if you ask they take it off right away! I travel 90% of the time for work, I am not a tourist LOL but also check for things like your personal information, what kind of card you paid with etc. The day before yesterday at the Hampton Inn in Thunder Bay ON, my bill said my name, but had a BC address and said I paid with a master card?! Like whatever I mean I paid ... but how do you keep that for your records?! An accountant would laugh at you!! 

#5 - hotel tv sucks - travel with an ipad or lap top or phone even... netflix rocks! And stop complaining about the tv... it sucks... WE KNOW!!! No body goes to hotels for the tv - just like no one goes to cuba for the food!

I think thats it?! LOL

As much as I love my job, and I love traveling hotels get very tiring!! I would much rather airbnb - for some reason I don't feel as uncomfortable! This trip has been exceptionally hard and I am not sure why!

Sorry - this post is kind of a downer because I honestly just cannot wait to get fucking home! Or to be back in Toronto - either or LOL The first day was amazing - granted it started off great with one of my favourite people (nope... promised myself I wouldn't blog about him yet... but stay tuned - turns out, dating isn't so bad when the guy is amazing) but day 2 was hell!! What was supposed to be a 7 hour drive turned into a 10.5 hour drive with 7 hours of white out conditions. I know I know - my choice to drive, but come on! Does the transcan highway not deserve snowplows?! And ever since then I have been so sore and uncomfortable in my car and on the road. 

I have had extra time to think about life and shit - not fun LOL 

BUT on a happy note - the mstydon website/blog/facebook page is getting a facelift soon!! New logos coming right away!! And I also cannot wait to tell y'all about this new guy LOL I am a total smitten kitten! 

Anywho - off to sleep I go I guess! Meeting tomorrow morning and then I WILL BE HOOOOMMMEEEEEE!!! DV here I come baby!!! For two whole nights!! HAHA!! 

Chat soon // misty-dawn x



love hotel selfies...

hey I am still alive!!

Okay so truth be told I started this blog to write weekly... yeah that has worked out really well!! LOL I even told my therapist (yup lol) that I am not a great journal writer and point proven!! Anyways - almost 2 months later I am back! 

ask and you shall receive

I don't claim to be the most fashionable person, or the slimmest (hahah all I can think of is this video I just shared on Facebook about this chunky girl trying polefit and she said OH FUCK A DUCK) or even the "coolest" but I love what I love and one of those things is style. 

"Fashions fadestyle is eternal" - Yves Saint Laurent

TRUTH - our world now focuses so much on fast fashion and you can't say you have not played into it. I have for sure!! I work in the industry for christ's sake LOL But style is eternal - style is something you can't fake, it is not something you learn, it is not something you can buy. Style comes from within. So that is what I am writing about today - how to bring out your true style. 

tip #1 - your feet should always be happy

no I don't mean find the right shoe size - I mean find the shoes your feet are happy in. Remember that movie with Sandra Bullock where she is kinda crazy following Bradley Cooper around (really who can blame her - hawtt) All about Steve!!! Shit that took me forever to remember the name LOL anyways in that movie she responds to someone asking about her stupid red boots with "BECAUSE THEY MAKE MY TOES FEEL LIKE 10 FRIENDS ON A CAMPING TRIP - THATS WHY!!!" THAT right there is how your toes should always feel. 

I have literally 150 pairs of shoes, everything from Jimmy Choo's & Manolo Blahnik's  to Havaiana flip flops & Converse chucks. But my shoes - my "yeah misty always wears those" shoes are my white sneakers. I am not saying yall need to go get sneakers. I am saying Misty's style is white sneakers because I wear them with everything. They are a staple for me - they are what my feet are comfy in - they are what my body loves - they are what my style demands. So I have... 5 different pairs of white sneakers lol!! All for different occasions! 

If your feet are happy in almond toe, chunky heals that you wear with everything - that is your shoe! If your feet are happy in a pair of aussie hiking boots that you wear with everything - that is your shoe. Learn your shoe - own your shoe - embrace your shoe!! 

tip #2 - your booty is key

Why are you wearing bottoms that make your ass look like shit?! Like do you not look at your ass in the mirror?! Happy ass = happy life!! I am sorry - but if your ass looks like shit in what you're wearing you look like a slob! Harsh I know but fuck me - worst pet peeve!! Momma Vicki always asks me if she has a double peezda haha Because she knooowwss!!!  

Jeans suck - we all know this! I have yet to find a person who loves buying jeans. They key to jeans is the brand! When you find a brand that fits your body - BUY MULTIPLES!!! And be faithful!! My jam right now is Carreli Denim! **and yes I am bringing them into the next mstydon pop-up-shop thats how much I love them** Every style of Carreli that I have put on has fit my body so perfect it is like they were made for me - and guess what... my booty looks bomb in these comfy ass jeans!! They don't bag out, they don't sag, they don't shrink - they are shaped to me! I wear them with heals, sandals, timberlands, boots, and of course - my white sneakers!! 

Side note - STOP WEARING LEGGINGS AS PANTS!!!! Workout/yoga pants yes - cheap ass fucking walmart leggings are not fucking pants!! Ain't nobody wants to see your ass THAT much!! Wear a fucking tunic - seriously!! 

tip #3 - get your titties some backup

I don't have a shirt tip for you because shirts are easy - as long as your boobs are rockin!! Do you know how many women are in the wrong size bra?! It actually boggles my mind! Take some time to help your ladies out! It is called a bra fitting for a reason! Your boobies should be happy!! 

Don't by shy about your bra size - with this recent weight gain my ladies went up to a size 36DD!! The letters are just letters!! If you think you're a 34D and you always want to be a 34D but your ladies are not happy and a little constrained, try a 36C - who cares!! Boobs are literally a source of life!! **Shout out to all you breast feeders out there!!** On the opposite - if you're wearing a 36C and you lift your arms up and your tits pop out the bottom... your band is too big!! So try a 34D - ain't no body got time for ladies to pop out!! 

"Excuse me miss - please return to your assigned seat" *tucks left boob named Matilda back in*

tip #4 - okay I lied I have one shirt tip

Have one signature shirt - kinda like the shoes! White t-shirts are my style! I have a million and wear them all the time! :) 

tip #5 - your personality should show in your clothes

Just because crop tops are back in style does not mean that I am going to wear them - well A because I am chunky lol but B because it is sooo not my personality to wear one! Every bit of what I love in life and in myself shows in my clothes! 

For example today - it was snowing like crazy!! So I rocked a toque, long preloved sweatshirt, burgundy vest, carrelli jeans & timberlands. And when I saw my client she said "Omg you're such an alberta girl" :) Thank youuu!!! I wear plaid because I love being laid back and ready for anything, I wear sneakers because I am athletic and fun, I wear basics because I love versatility and being spontaneous!! 

this is style ladies & gents

see - it is not that hard! You just have to know yourself!! I know some people think fashion is shallow and bla bla bla - but can you honestly tell me that feeling good and looking good are not correlated?! Nope - because when you feel good it shows - when you look good you feel good - when you feel good you look good - back and forth!! 

my staples that I have all year round

  1. white sneakers 
  2. dark ankle length jeans 
  3. a perfectly fitted bra with no padding 
  4. white t-shirt 
  5. light denim jacket
  6. a toque - because I am Canadian AF!! 

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" - Rachel Zoe

Chat soon // misty-dawn x


what is it you do now?!

Most common question in my life LOL!!

Hey folks - hope yall are having an awesome holiday season! I am lol I am currently sitting in the back yard at my folks' place in Arizona, under a palm tree, writing :) I said at some point I would talk about my job, so here goes :) Every full time job that I have had since I graduated university has lead to me this position - my dream job!

The several steps to preloved:

  • The most awesome Sales Manager hired me on a whim at Greyhound Courier to cover a territory that had been empty for a bit! 
  • Then, said amazing manager left, leaving me the BIGGEST tool of a sales manager I have ever come across in my life... So I left there and moved over to Mustang Freight where again said wicked sales manager was now working and hired me on a whim to cover a mat leave! 
  • So now I am like 22 years old working in LTL freight sales! In Edmonton & Fort Mac! I thought THIS was my dream job - so when they offered me a permanent position I couldn't say no! Except... it was too good to be true and at the end of the mat leave, I had to leave! HOWEVER - during this stint I had the opportunity to working with a group of wholesale fashion agents who used our systems to haul freight from show to show! Key piece of info here... 
  • Because after moving home from Australia one of those agents called me up and wanted to hire me!!! Could not even believe it?! A career in fashion?! A career in sales?! LIFE made!! I made some awesome connection here... Like my now boss Jules! Turns out this lady who hired me was two sips short of a wine bottle and I decided I didn't care how much I wanted this career, working for her was NOT how I was going to go about it! 
  • So I quit... and as fate would have it, Jules @ preloved posted on facebook that they were hiring a sales team! 5 years of sales experience needed! Haha well Jules, Jaya & I had gotten pretty close over the last 5 months so I thought... why not?! I applied saying "I don't have 5 years of experience but the 5 months of experience I do have is from selling your brand through this agency!!" AND BOOM!! Someone else in this world took a chance on me! I loaded up my car and drove my ass out to Toronto, mainly to take care of my man who had just had surgery but also to see Jules again and meet the preloved team!! 

And here we are... a year and a half-ish later! I am the National Sales Manager for Preloved and could not be happier!! The basic version of what I do is "I sell the preloved collections wholesale to retail stores"! But it is so much more than that.

Recap of preloved history:  
Preloved is a Canadian lifestyle brand started over 20 years ago with its heart in Toronto, ON! Preloved styles incorporate vintage & dead-stock fabrics to form these stunning, new and modern pieces for the conscious, fashion forward consumer.  We used to have our own retail stores in Toronto, Vancouver & Montreal but now focus solely on wholesale and sell to 400 boutiques worldwide including collaborations with Holt Renfrew, Anthropology, Pink Tartan & Roots. Preloved also specializes in vintage Levi's, army jackets & denim jackets!

Being part of the preloved team is like being part of a crazy little family - seriously little, there was Jules, Yuko, Eva, Jaya, Mandy, me and a crowd of interns coming and going! I say was because Eva left my ass... JK love you chicka! And Christy came in basically full time to deal with my demanding-ness!! HAHA!! We also joke around that we are basically the UN haha! We've got Italians, Ukrainians/Sweeds, Japanese, Bangladesh(ian) haha sorry Jaya?! Bangali? I don't know how to say it LOL, Jamaicans, Chinese, Jaya calls Mandy a Mexican I think?! Haha anyways - we are defo a well rounded team! We have had Jewish interns, interns from Dubai, everyone from all over!! No Aussies though (unless you count you know who ... Jaya...)  

Now, I have drove across the country like 4 times - learned toronto - met so many new people - and I have only just begun! 

This job has allowed me to fullfill l life long dreams like: 

  • visiting Chicago, New York, Vancouver Island and everywhere in between 
  • meeting fun loving store owners
  • connecting with awesome people in the same positions as me with different brands 

But my fave part is being part of the team & getting to witness the process from design to sale! 

I am an asshole lol & the girls in the office hate dealing with me most days but at the end of the day I send them starbucks gift cards and they photoshop me into the christmas photo, and that right there is love! 

Next adventure: 

Because it is the holidays I get the luxury of working from my laptop down here in AZ - but come January I am back to Toronto to get geared up for the AW18 selling season. Thats Autumn/Winter 2018 btw. LOL I sell a season ahead - I start selling AW18 as SS18 (Spring/Summer 2018) starts shipping to our awesome retailers! 

  • Jan-Feb // life in toronto 
  • Mar-Apr // life on the road 
  • May-June // life working from home (pop-up-shoppssss LOL)
  • July-Aug // life in toronto
  • Sept-Oct // life on the road 
  • Nov-Dec // life working from home 

The basic cycle of my life :) I wake up everyday looking forward to what new adventure awaits that day :)

Anyyyywho - I actually think my face is sunburnt from sitting out here... keep your eyes peeled for when I blog from out east!! 

Chat soon // misty-dawn x 

Merry Christmas :)




now that the dust has settled...

The doors are closed, the sign is down and the hype of the mstydon pop-up-shop has settled a bit. This is the time when the sadness sinks in - for normal people anyway. For me, this is when I get a cold lol. But sickness and sadness aside I can’t even believe the store is closed and I can’t believe how amazing it was. Thank you again so much to every single person who stepped through the doors even just to say hi! Thank you to everyone who shared our posts, liked, commented and entered our contests And just all around supported Bex and I on this journey! We cannot wait until May! Btw we are opening again in May! Lol There is no pop-up like a mstydon pop-up :) 

But in the meantime I get to chat with you about more serious stuff - like dating! Now - one would think they would first talk about their job... or their family... or anything else haha But dating is a real life real time thing for me right now. And for the first time in my life, I have NO idea what it really is or what I am doing! So here goes... 

Dating is ... hell!! 

“People say ‘everything happens for a reason’. These people are usually women. And these women are usually sorting through a breakup. It seems that men can get out of a relationship without even a ‘goodbye’. But apparently, women have to either get married or learn something” - Carrie Bradshaw (yes I am going to quote Sex & the City a million fucking times. Deal)

August 2016 I got out of a 5 year long relationship - like no joke, celebrated 5 years together on the first and broke up on the 16th lol. And in this process I was watching Sex & the City and Carrie said that ^^ somewhere. I gave a solid eye roll ... But it’s so fucking true. I tried saying it happened for a reason and all the other bullshit girl-things that you say the first time you lay in bed alone and really get to think. And then I thought, well what have I learned?! Nothing lol. The breakup taught me nothing. Our relationship, however, taught me so much. He was amazing - is lol he is amazing ... he’s still alive and we are still friends. I discovered so much about myself and who I really was when I was with him. I mean I was with him from age 21-26! We just weren’t meant for the long haul - aaannddd I was taking this birth control that was making me fucking crazy! But that a whole other post lol.

So now - at twenty-something-closer-to-thirty-something (I took some solid time off of relationships because fuck that lol) I have had to start dating again. So ladies, and gentlemen I guess, I ask, WHAT THE FUCK IS DATING? Seriously, what is it - because I have been in two major relationships in my life and I don’t really even know. And why is it so stressful? Why are there so many apps for hookups, dates and life partners and... well we all know what Ashley Madison was for lol. Why is it so hard to meet people? 

Both of my real-I-love-you-forever-just-kidding-let’s-breakup relationships had started with friendships that grew into relationships. I think?! It just happened so naturally that I don’t even think I noticed when it was officially official. Lol. But how do you find that?! And how do you trust that it is real? Like real real? Not like real till we break up real lol. 

If you go on a few dates with the same guy a few times, does that mean you’re dating? What are the rules? 

“I’ve been dating since I was 15, I’m exhausted. Where is he?” - Charlotte York 

It’s not like I am desperate for a man... lets get that straight. And I am not having kids ever so that’s not it either. But my friends’ husbands are getting sick of me being the single friend instigating girls nights. Haha. (Sorry Mark #teamschadeck) And I would like someone to share my life’s shit with! The good, the bad and the venting lol. 

But don't worry - we makes lists!!! 

OHHHHH the lists - the lists everyone makes about what they want in a spouse! I have to admit I have one haha. But only because The Tinder makes you really realize what you do not want lol. Hmm? Share my list - okay! Lol

  1. Tall // Yup. Lol I am almost 6 feet tall myself and I hate feeling like the shrek in the relationship. 

  2. Conservative // also yup. Being in a relationship with someone with completely opposite political views is hard. Especially when your the conservative lol you will always look like the bad guy no matter what. I also cannot stand when people say things like "oh I don't care about politics" Seriously? You don't care about who/why/how our taxes are used?! etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc haha 

  3. Ambitious // If there is one thing that is a serious turn off it is a lack of ambition. I want world domination. I will never stop working my ass off to get to somewhere bigger, better and farther. And I need someone who understands & supports that and will stride with me every step of the way. 

  4. Royalty // ... fuck you Megan Markle! Okay - I am kidding on this one! I just liked Prince Harry... not the whole princess thing. Or Duchess? I don't even really know how that works either. 

  5. Put together // I work in fashion... and there is nothing sexier than an Italian man in an Italian suit tailored to his body (am I right Courtney ;) BLUE FEATHER). Italian suits aside, if a man doesn't take his appearance a little bit into consideration I struggle. No I am not shallow... but take care of yourself. Or as my ex says "be the best version of yourself".

  6. Funny // this is huge - I think I am fucking hilarious!! And you have to get my stupid humour, or my dirty jokes, or when I bust out in song, or movie quotes! AND go along with me! 

  7. Travel itch // HUGE HUGE HUGE... I need to know that I can say "lets go to Morocco" and my man will want to go to! 

I think thats it?! I don't think thats too much to ask?! Lol! Do I dare ask why we make these lists?! Do we set our expectations too high?! More importantly, do we set ourselves up for failure?! Why do we have this definition of perfection?! And why do we strive for it?! 

I guess in summary, there are too many unanswered questions in dating. Lol Maybe this is why Carrie and Mr Big 'dated' for 10 years before finally getting engaged... then had a shaky ass wedding... and then a really bad breakup... and then a real wedding... lol 

It's Friday night - 11:21pm... maybe this is why I am single?! Lol I am blogging instead of being out on a Friday night looking for that crazy-imperfect-fuckedup-version of a soulmate I keep ranting about. 

Anyways - mask off! Literally... I have a seacret mask on my face and it really needs to come off! 

Chat soon // misty-dawn x

p.s. its the most wonderful time of the yearrrrr!!!! Merry Christmas!!! 



current tinder profile picture

because why not lol 

i did a thing...

"I did a thing" is how I announced to the world... ookay to facebook and my family that I started this website and blog. My mum has been on me forever to start one - since before I even moved to Australia, because lets face it - how cool would it have been to have had this blog in aus?! I mean, I lived in a van for 4 months! Haha! Oh how I miss my rainbow van <3 

Anywho, I digress... alot!! Ask my girl Bex - Mrs Rebecca Schadeck that is! - we can not have a single conversation at once without digressing, having 6 other convos and ordering takeout all while discussing the color we are dying our hair next summer! 

Back to this - so I did a thing. And really this thing is kinda cool. I do have a strange life! And no not all of you will care... heck you might only read half of these posts. But fuck it - My life is cool and I kinda want to share it! 

First cool thing of the mstydon blog - how the name 'mstydon' even came about!! 

Drum roll pleeeeaaasseeeeeeeeee - mstydon is the licence plate on my first vehicle... my beloved Jeep!! HAHA how climactic was THAT!! I am not even kidding - my parents got me a personalized licence plate the christmas after I got my jeep and it says 'mstydon'! Which is obviously pronounced Misty-dawn which - shocker - is my name! You're welcome for that! 

Second cool thing of the mstydon blog - and maybe my main focus today - the mstydon pop-up-shop: 

Because like I wasn't busy enough already I went and opened a pop-up-shop in town with the help of my momma and bestie! Its basically a preloved store - oh right, purposeful digress here - preloved is the Canadian fashion brand I work for (more to come on that next time) - and then Bex sells her awesome crocheting and woodworking out of here too! And I say here because weeelllll its Wednesday night right at store close and its dead! Haha! The street isn't - but the store is! Today marks our last 8 days in the store and the start of our 8 days of christmas event. Sales each day etc etc etc! 

So its always been a dream of mine to open a clothing store! Being born and raised in Drayton Valley there was not a whole lot of options for shopping - shoutout here to 88, Karma, Rocky Mountain, Victoria May, & all the other stores that were here, no disrespect but fashion was my THING and there was only so much DV could actually offer when I wanted to shop every week haha! So off to the city we went shopping all the time, or even better I drew my own designs! But I suck at art so they were ideas in my head that I would LOVE to pay someone to draw up and create for me! LOL! Anyways - Bex and I are sitting at Brian's one day and we were daydreaming like we always do about opening a store. I am not to sure what happened after that, because literally the next thing I remember is shittin my pants on Oct 29th waiting for stock to come in so we can open Nov 1st!  

It's the 22nd now and I am actually sooooo sad that we only have 8 days left! I cannot believe how amazing this experience has been. All the wonderful ladies who have came to visit 1, 2, 3, & 20 times (love you Laureen, Kim & Lori LOL) you are all amazing!! The new friends - new lessons - new ideas - every single thing has made this store worth it! EVEN opening it up with the bestie! I knew mum & I could do it - just kicking, screaming & fighting the whole way! LOL kidding momma I love you!! And thank you for all your support and being here everyday before you left this snow filled hole for AZ lol NO idea if I would have made it without you!!! See you in 20ish days xx

One thing that always scared me from having roommates back in college was doing anything money, business, work, related with friends - I have had some SHIT experiences! But Bex & I have actually made it work so well - maybe even grew closer - sorry Marcus but I am part of Team Schadeck forever!! I love that Bex actually has been able to be in the store almost everyday - and am soooo grateful for all her help and ideas! And for her toques keepin my head warm as fuck! LOL So Bex if you're reading this - know that I love you and thank you for all you do!! Don't cry bitch - thats all I am saying!! 

I just looked up from my computer and someone was driving the wrong way down the one-way downtown dv... Just gotta say that that happens all the fucking time!!! Easily 4-5 times a day!! And the cops have been out like mad around here too this last two weeks but don't seem to catch anyone going the wrong way! *face palm* Always something juicy to watch haha! 

Anyways - I guess I have a date... Ya crazy right?! I probably should go and I dunno... brush my hair maybe?! LOL ANNNNDDD my fave christmas song just came on sooo peace out bitches! Its dance party time!!! 

Chat soon // mstydon xx 

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!!



opening day

will the real misty-dawn please stand up?

Well - I guess the website is up and running so I might as well get this first nerve racking blog post out of the way! :) Yes - it is nerve racking... which I am not evens sure that that is how you spell that but whatever. AH! Maybe I should warn you - I am going to swear, talk about uncomfortable shit and maybe push some boundaries a bit... but for once in my life I don't give a fuck. 

The first time will be short & sweet - said no teenager ever... LOL! But for a blog post it work. 

Me... Misty-dawn! I think I am going to skip out on my last name here. I love it and even if I find some poor sap to marry me, I probably won't change it - but here I am, Misty-dawn. Twenty-something-closer-to-thirty small town Alberta girl who is taking the world by storm! Lol okay so maybe not by storm - but I am a citizen of the world. I love traveling, speaking new languages, meeting new people, learning new cultures, respecting history while propelling into the future. I love photography, fashion, exploring, food, reading, classic cars and I love my family & friends. I don't like sushi, tomatoes, any sort of big scary natural disaster, NDP governments (ooo yup theres the first pot stir - you're welcome LOL), and I hate the word hate... or maybe that was supposed to say 'world hate' because lets face it, the world kinda sucks right now!! I mean a VOTE to allow marriage equality in Australia... fuck off! Lose my MIND if my right to marry who I loved was based on a public fucking vote! There's #2 - if you're against marriage equality go away.  

'Yes I like Pina Coladas & getting caught in the rain!! I´m not much into health food, I am into champagne' - best song ever!! So catchy - but its literally about a husband and wife trying to cheat on each other... not knowing they actually already had the best thing in their lives right in front of them! Lol except I am into health food - and champagne... mostly champagne! 

Okay - now that this post sounds more like a dating profile (because the tinder is awesome) than an intro I think it is time to move on. 

What can you expect from this blog?!

  1. opinions - maybe not so popular ones
  2. me blabbing about my life 
  3. travel info - yup I have been a few places 
  4. fashion everything - yes. 
  5. swearing, bitching, ranting 
  6. yoga talk, meditation, and all around contentment

Basically - its going to be crazy lol but fun! Maybe a bit all over the place! But such is life :) 

But for now - because I am sitting in my pop-up-shop in DV 'working' (good thing I am the boss right?!) I think its time to sign off for now! 

chat soon // misty-dawn x

oh and p.s. merry christmas! 


la familia

houston's gradutation // 2015