don't be an asshole...

the thing is, you actually have no idea what people are going through… and today reminded me of that!

check this out:

honestly, i wasn’t going to post about this, hell i barely even told anyone when I ended up in emerg from my heart acting up so bad. (sorry marissa & houston probably should have told you) but then i made this collage image and i don’t know, something about it said BLOG BITCH!!

so here goes… this is how i spent my day today - these photos were 10 seconds apart… first image, seemingly normal… second, reality. i was hooked up to a heart monitor. still am actually as I write this. there is something wrong and we don’t know what it is yet. but could you tell that from how i was walking around?! nope… okay except for the people who i flashed for shits & giggles lol but not the point, the point is i smiled all damn day; i laughed and was seemingly normal, all while worrying what this monitor was going to find.


and the thing is, this isnt the first time I went through something like this. in 2015 i had to come home from australia for tests on my stomach lesions. one of the tests involved a probe being shoved up my nose, and down into my stomach. that probe was attached to a tube, which was taped to the side of my face, looped around the back of my ear and attached to a little computer purse that i had to push buttons on all the time. 24 hours with that sucker lol ooo hell yeah totally just found a photo!! LOOK lol


gnarly right…. yes my hair was dark… lol

anyway the point of this isn’t about all my medical issues - because lets face it, thats too long for a blog. its about the fact that people need to learn to be kinder to each other. you literally have ZERO idea what people are going through on a daily basis!

it doesn’t cost a dime to be kind - it doesn’t hurt you to smile - it doesn’t harm you in anyway to be a good person. the problem today is people are so worried about being offensive and getting offended and so much fucking goddamn bullshit that we are forgetting one thing… us.

we are forgetting that, we, as white, black, brown, yellow, green, blue, purple what-the-fuck-ever color, what-the-fuck-ever gender (don’t get me wrong, 2 bathrooms people… safety first), what-the-fuck-ever age, what-the-fuck-ever religion, what-the-fuck-ever anything you fucking identify with that day humans are just that; HUMANS. we are all basically the same. i mean if you’re catholic you believe we all came from the same single being!! (i think?! sorry my religion knowledge is a little lax) we all have a skeleton, we all have basically the same organs inside like say hearts lol, or livers, or small intestines… we all have skin, we all have all the basic human things. and yet all we are worried about is which human is better than the other? which race is being treated worse, which politician has the best hair, which human is offending the other more, which human is hurting the other more… and for what?? we are not making any progress in the world at all!!

what we really don’t need is more assholes in this world. guess what, we all have one… doesn’t mean you need to act like one…

so next time you’re walking down the street, fucking SMILE!! did you know smiles are contagious?! unless you’re a sociopath then I mean fuck you lol but seriously smile!! it makes people feel good! a person came into my store today when i was fussing with stupid monitor, hugged me and told me they were going to pray for me. don’t even know who they were, but they were praying for my health.

that person you flipped the bird at while you were driving today… do you think they are 100% okay?! that person behind a till that you yelled at or used the famous “get me your manager” line at… you think they were all hunky dory?! can you honestly tell me that if you knew for a fact that your actions could possibly lead to someone thinking badly about themselves, maybe even to the point of self harm that you would keep doing it? … that young person at the counter could be struggling to overcome an illness and you just yelled at them for what? that person you flipped the bird to could be driving cautiously because they just lost someone in a car accident? and that woman who owns a clothing store in a small town that you just ignored when she said HI to you could have a heart monitor hooked up to her under her shirt with the weight of the world riding on these results… and you couldn’t even smile back?

re-reading that i am thinking, if you’re relating to the asshole side there maybe you’re not okay either… and if you aren’t, I am sending you a virtual hug - because you’re a human and you deserve one.

don’t be an asshole - stop taking your shit out on everyone else & just worry about being a good person. because at the end of the day that is all that matters.

chat soon // misty-dawn x