doing things in 5's...

you know how when you turn the volume up or down most people have to have it on an even number or a weird quirk like that?! Mine’s 5’s lol it usually sits on a 0 or 5 to make my OCD happy, so when one of my friends asked for another blog post about my lists (yes that you Korney) it obviously had to be about my top 5’s in life.

misty-dawn’s top 5’s :)

top 5 movies:

  1. beauty & the beast - the cartoon obviously. I apparently made my daddy watch it so much one day that he got me my own TV lol!

  2. ghost - ahh the most heartbreaking love story between patrick & demi!

  3. just go with it - actually though, I love adam sandler almost always LOL

  4. national treasure - as a family we watch nt1 & 2 on christmas day every single year. I dont know why but we do and I love it!

  5. the devil wears prada - proving that ordinary girls like me and can bust into the fashion industry & kill it!

top 5 style icons:

  1. blake lively

  2. jackie kennedy

  3. drew barrymore

  4. sophia loren

  5. mary-kate & ashley olsen

top 5 books:

  1. chances by jackie collins - okay, the entire santangelo series is my all time forever favourite. There is at least 10 book that focus on the lives of Gino Santangelo & his daughter Lucky. Lucky is my idol. Strong, hardassed, business woman who is fighting her way to the top in a man’s world.

  2. slammed by colleen hoover - okay… this list sucks… because I love authors not books so hang on…

top 5 authors:

  1. jackie collins - the santangelo series in particular, but everything that woman wrote was gold!

  2. colleen hoover - emotional rollercoasters that are just so real and so relatable and so fucking honest that you cant help but either bawl your fucking eyes out or laugh so hard!

  3. max monroe - who actually is a due of Max & Monroe! the books are, deadly LOL they are hot, steamy, funny, sad, fucking everything lol! Don’t listen to them in public though… when i said hot i meant HAAWWWTTTTT!!!! I love the billionaire bad boy series but I think my fave mm book is Alex in Wonderland!!

  4. jennifer probst - the searching for series is what started me on jennifer’s books and I was instantly hooked! just enough reality mixed with a bit of hopeful magic <3

  5. so… I went scrolling through my kindle & audible app to find who else I love and thats really it… LOL i have all of the books by all of these authors and now my OCD is going crazy because I don’t have a 5th author!!

top 5 tv shows:

  1. greys anatomy

  2. friends

  3. bones

  4. criminal minds

  5. gossip girl

top 5 bands/artists:

  1. spice girls… duh! I am a 90’s baby after all

  2. the eagles - take it easy <3

  3. anthem lights - I am obsessed with their covers right now!

  4. george ezra - his voice is just so mesmerizing

  5. justin timberlake - I actually love his music, don’t judge me!

top 5 countries I have already been to: (not including canada lol)

  1. australia - missing my aussie family so much!

  2. mexico - lol and not just for taco’s & tequila. but I love the mexican vibe all around!

  3. italy - pasta & history… yup

  4. germany - I can’t wait to go back! I loved berlin and theres so much more to learn and explore!

  5. fiji - the clearest, bluest ocean ever!

top 5 countries I want to go to next:

  1. egypt

  2. bora bora

  3. india

  4. cambodia

  5. sweden

top 5 restaurants:

  1. barrio cerveceria - toronto, can

  2. abby road - melbourne, aus

  3. aioli seafood - parksville, can

  4. pipis - puerto vallarta, mex

  5. peppino's - brooklyn, usa

top 5 adventures/experiences:

  1. scuba diving/wreck diving/diving with sharks - all over, aus

  2. auschwitz-birkenau - poland

  3. the new york public library - nyc, usa

  4. pasta cooking lessons - rome, itl

  5. driving across canada <3

  6. that time korney & I almost got arrested in mexico hahah!!! kidding, I was fucking scared lol we actually were fine, I am a drama queen. Gio was in more shit than us LOL

top 5 fears:

  1. the dark

  2. clowns

  3. not talking to my family everyday

  4. failure

  5. things in my ears lol

phewff!!! made it to 10 lists LOL!!

I think its bed time :) I am fucking tired lol. I am in the process of setting up the mstydon pop-up-shop for the 3rd time! And its nuts! The shop is opening for two months this time and there is so much shit in there it’s unreal!! yall better come shop lol! and on top of that, the mstydon family has been growing steadily! I went from 2 brands as of june 1st to 12 brands - possibly 13 - as of today! LOL

Promise my next blog will be way better ;)

night yall!

chat soon // misty-dawn xx

photo cred: korney lol

oh and p.s. the minimalist thing… kinda going okay?! will update next time LOL

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