hey I am still alive!!

Okay so truth be told I started this blog to write weekly... yeah that has worked out really well!! LOL I even told my therapist (yup lol) that I am not a great journal writer and point proven!! Anyways - almost 2 months later I am back! 

ask and you shall receive

I don't claim to be the most fashionable person, or the slimmest (hahah all I can think of is this video I just shared on Facebook about this chunky girl trying polefit and she said OH FUCK A DUCK) or even the "coolest" but I love what I love and one of those things is style. 

"Fashions fadestyle is eternal" - Yves Saint Laurent

TRUTH - our world now focuses so much on fast fashion and you can't say you have not played into it. I have for sure!! I work in the industry for christ's sake LOL But style is eternal - style is something you can't fake, it is not something you learn, it is not something you can buy. Style comes from within. So that is what I am writing about today - how to bring out your true style. 

tip #1 - your feet should always be happy

no I don't mean find the right shoe size - I mean find the shoes your feet are happy in. Remember that movie with Sandra Bullock where she is kinda crazy following Bradley Cooper around (really who can blame her - hawtt) All about Steve!!! Shit that took me forever to remember the name LOL anyways in that movie she responds to someone asking about her stupid red boots with "BECAUSE THEY MAKE MY TOES FEEL LIKE 10 FRIENDS ON A CAMPING TRIP - THATS WHY!!!" THAT right there is how your toes should always feel. 

I have literally 150 pairs of shoes, everything from Jimmy Choo's & Manolo Blahnik's  to Havaiana flip flops & Converse chucks. But my shoes - my "yeah misty always wears those" shoes are my white sneakers. I am not saying yall need to go get sneakers. I am saying Misty's style is white sneakers because I wear them with everything. They are a staple for me - they are what my feet are comfy in - they are what my body loves - they are what my style demands. So I have... 5 different pairs of white sneakers lol!! All for different occasions! 

If your feet are happy in almond toe, chunky heals that you wear with everything - that is your shoe! If your feet are happy in a pair of aussie hiking boots that you wear with everything - that is your shoe. Learn your shoe - own your shoe - embrace your shoe!! 

tip #2 - your booty is key

Why are you wearing bottoms that make your ass look like shit?! Like do you not look at your ass in the mirror?! Happy ass = happy life!! I am sorry - but if your ass looks like shit in what you're wearing you look like a slob! Harsh I know but fuck me - worst pet peeve!! Momma Vicki always asks me if she has a double peezda haha Because she knooowwss!!!  

Jeans suck - we all know this! I have yet to find a person who loves buying jeans. They key to jeans is the brand! When you find a brand that fits your body - BUY MULTIPLES!!! And be faithful!! My jam right now is Carreli Denim! **and yes I am bringing them into the next mstydon pop-up-shop thats how much I love them** Every style of Carreli that I have put on has fit my body so perfect it is like they were made for me - and guess what... my booty looks bomb in these comfy ass jeans!! They don't bag out, they don't sag, they don't shrink - they are shaped to me! I wear them with heals, sandals, timberlands, boots, and of course - my white sneakers!! 

Side note - STOP WEARING LEGGINGS AS PANTS!!!! Workout/yoga pants yes - cheap ass fucking walmart leggings are not fucking pants!! Ain't nobody wants to see your ass THAT much!! Wear a fucking tunic - seriously!! 

tip #3 - get your titties some backup

I don't have a shirt tip for you because shirts are easy - as long as your boobs are rockin!! Do you know how many women are in the wrong size bra?! It actually boggles my mind! Take some time to help your ladies out! It is called a bra fitting for a reason! Your boobies should be happy!! 

Don't by shy about your bra size - with this recent weight gain my ladies went up to a size 36DD!! The letters are just letters!! If you think you're a 34D and you always want to be a 34D but your ladies are not happy and a little constrained, try a 36C - who cares!! Boobs are literally a source of life!! **Shout out to all you breast feeders out there!!** On the opposite - if you're wearing a 36C and you lift your arms up and your tits pop out the bottom... your band is too big!! So try a 34D - ain't no body got time for ladies to pop out!! 

"Excuse me miss - please return to your assigned seat" *tucks left boob named Matilda back in*

tip #4 - okay I lied I have one shirt tip

Have one signature shirt - kinda like the shoes! White t-shirts are my style! I have a million and wear them all the time! :) 

tip #5 - your personality should show in your clothes

Just because crop tops are back in style does not mean that I am going to wear them - well A because I am chunky lol but B because it is sooo not my personality to wear one! Every bit of what I love in life and in myself shows in my clothes! 

For example today - it was snowing like crazy!! So I rocked a toque, long preloved sweatshirt, burgundy vest, carrelli jeans & timberlands. And when I saw my client she said "Omg you're such an alberta girl" :) Thank youuu!!! I wear plaid because I love being laid back and ready for anything, I wear sneakers because I am athletic and fun, I wear basics because I love versatility and being spontaneous!! 

this is style ladies & gents

see - it is not that hard! You just have to know yourself!! I know some people think fashion is shallow and bla bla bla - but can you honestly tell me that feeling good and looking good are not correlated?! Nope - because when you feel good it shows - when you look good you feel good - when you feel good you look good - back and forth!! 

my staples that I have all year round

  1. white sneakers 
  2. dark ankle length jeans 
  3. a perfectly fitted bra with no padding 
  4. white t-shirt 
  5. light denim jacket
  6. a toque - because I am Canadian AF!! 

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" - Rachel Zoe

Chat soon // misty-dawn x