i did a thing...

"I did a thing" is how I announced to the world... ookay to facebook and my family that I started this website and blog. My mum has been on me forever to start one - since before I even moved to Australia, because lets face it - how cool would it have been to have had this blog in aus?! I mean, I lived in a van for 4 months! Haha! Oh how I miss my rainbow van <3 

Anywho, I digress... alot!! Ask my girl Bex - Mrs Rebecca Schadeck that is! - we can not have a single conversation at once without digressing, having 6 other convos and ordering takeout all while discussing the color we are dying our hair next summer! 

Back to this - so I did a thing. And really this thing is kinda cool. I do have a strange life! And no not all of you will care... heck you might only read half of these posts. But fuck it - My life is cool and I kinda want to share it! 

First cool thing of the mstydon blog - how the name 'mstydon' even came about!! 

Drum roll pleeeeaaasseeeeeeeeee - mstydon is the licence plate on my first vehicle... my beloved Jeep!! HAHA how climactic was THAT!! I am not even kidding - my parents got me a personalized licence plate the christmas after I got my jeep and it says 'mstydon'! Which is obviously pronounced Misty-dawn which - shocker - is my name! You're welcome for that! 

Second cool thing of the mstydon blog - and maybe my main focus today - the mstydon pop-up-shop: 

Because like I wasn't busy enough already I went and opened a pop-up-shop in town with the help of my momma and bestie! Its basically a preloved store - oh right, purposeful digress here - preloved is the Canadian fashion brand I work for (more to come on that next time) - and then Bex sells her awesome crocheting and woodworking out of here too! And I say here because weeelllll its Wednesday night right at store close and its dead! Haha! The street isn't - but the store is! Today marks our last 8 days in the store and the start of our 8 days of christmas event. Sales each day etc etc etc! 

So its always been a dream of mine to open a clothing store! Being born and raised in Drayton Valley there was not a whole lot of options for shopping - shoutout here to 88, Karma, Rocky Mountain, Victoria May, & all the other stores that were here, no disrespect but fashion was my THING and there was only so much DV could actually offer when I wanted to shop every week haha! So off to the city we went shopping all the time, or even better I drew my own designs! But I suck at art so they were ideas in my head that I would LOVE to pay someone to draw up and create for me! LOL! Anyways - Bex and I are sitting at Brian's one day and we were daydreaming like we always do about opening a store. I am not to sure what happened after that, because literally the next thing I remember is shittin my pants on Oct 29th waiting for stock to come in so we can open Nov 1st!  

It's the 22nd now and I am actually sooooo sad that we only have 8 days left! I cannot believe how amazing this experience has been. All the wonderful ladies who have came to visit 1, 2, 3, & 20 times (love you Laureen, Kim & Lori LOL) you are all amazing!! The new friends - new lessons - new ideas - every single thing has made this store worth it! EVEN opening it up with the bestie! I knew mum & I could do it - just kicking, screaming & fighting the whole way! LOL kidding momma I love you!! And thank you for all your support and being here everyday before you left this snow filled hole for AZ lol NO idea if I would have made it without you!!! See you in 20ish days xx

One thing that always scared me from having roommates back in college was doing anything money, business, work, related with friends - I have had some SHIT experiences! But Bex & I have actually made it work so well - maybe even grew closer - sorry Marcus but I am part of Team Schadeck forever!! I love that Bex actually has been able to be in the store almost everyday - and am soooo grateful for all her help and ideas! And for her toques keepin my head warm as fuck! LOL So Bex if you're reading this - know that I love you and thank you for all you do!! Don't cry bitch - thats all I am saying!! 

I just looked up from my computer and someone was driving the wrong way down the one-way downtown dv... Just gotta say that that happens all the fucking time!!! Easily 4-5 times a day!! And the cops have been out like mad around here too this last two weeks but don't seem to catch anyone going the wrong way! *face palm* Always something juicy to watch haha! 

Anyways - I guess I have a date... Ya crazy right?! I probably should go and I dunno... brush my hair maybe?! LOL ANNNNDDD my fave christmas song just came on sooo peace out bitches! Its dance party time!!! 

Chat soon // mstydon xx 

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!!



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