now that the dust has settled...

The doors are closed, the sign is down and the hype of the mstydon pop-up-shop has settled a bit. This is the time when the sadness sinks in - for normal people anyway. For me, this is when I get a cold lol. But sickness and sadness aside I can’t even believe the store is closed and I can’t believe how amazing it was. Thank you again so much to every single person who stepped through the doors even just to say hi! Thank you to everyone who shared our posts, liked, commented and entered our contests And just all around supported Bex and I on this journey! We cannot wait until May! Btw we are opening again in May! Lol There is no pop-up like a mstydon pop-up :) 

But in the meantime I get to chat with you about more serious stuff - like dating! Now - one would think they would first talk about their job... or their family... or anything else haha But dating is a real life real time thing for me right now. And for the first time in my life, I have NO idea what it really is or what I am doing! So here goes... 

Dating is ... hell!! 

“People say ‘everything happens for a reason’. These people are usually women. And these women are usually sorting through a breakup. It seems that men can get out of a relationship without even a ‘goodbye’. But apparently, women have to either get married or learn something” - Carrie Bradshaw (yes I am going to quote Sex & the City a million fucking times. Deal)

August 2016 I got out of a 5 year long relationship - like no joke, celebrated 5 years together on the first and broke up on the 16th lol. And in this process I was watching Sex & the City and Carrie said that ^^ somewhere. I gave a solid eye roll ... But it’s so fucking true. I tried saying it happened for a reason and all the other bullshit girl-things that you say the first time you lay in bed alone and really get to think. And then I thought, well what have I learned?! Nothing lol. The breakup taught me nothing. Our relationship, however, taught me so much. He was amazing - is lol he is amazing ... he’s still alive and we are still friends. I discovered so much about myself and who I really was when I was with him. I mean I was with him from age 21-26! We just weren’t meant for the long haul - aaannddd I was taking this birth control that was making me fucking crazy! But that a whole other post lol.

So now - at twenty-something-closer-to-thirty-something (I took some solid time off of relationships because fuck that lol) I have had to start dating again. So ladies, and gentlemen I guess, I ask, WHAT THE FUCK IS DATING? Seriously, what is it - because I have been in two major relationships in my life and I don’t really even know. And why is it so stressful? Why are there so many apps for hookups, dates and life partners and... well we all know what Ashley Madison was for lol. Why is it so hard to meet people? 

Both of my real-I-love-you-forever-just-kidding-let’s-breakup relationships had started with friendships that grew into relationships. I think?! It just happened so naturally that I don’t even think I noticed when it was officially official. Lol. But how do you find that?! And how do you trust that it is real? Like real real? Not like real till we break up real lol. 

If you go on a few dates with the same guy a few times, does that mean you’re dating? What are the rules? 

“I’ve been dating since I was 15, I’m exhausted. Where is he?” - Charlotte York 

It’s not like I am desperate for a man... lets get that straight. And I am not having kids ever so that’s not it either. But my friends’ husbands are getting sick of me being the single friend instigating girls nights. Haha. (Sorry Mark #teamschadeck) And I would like someone to share my life’s shit with! The good, the bad and the venting lol. 

But don't worry - we makes lists!!! 

OHHHHH the lists - the lists everyone makes about what they want in a spouse! I have to admit I have one haha. But only because The Tinder makes you really realize what you do not want lol. Hmm? Share my list - okay! Lol

  1. Tall // Yup. Lol I am almost 6 feet tall myself and I hate feeling like the shrek in the relationship. 

  2. Conservative // also yup. Being in a relationship with someone with completely opposite political views is hard. Especially when your the conservative lol you will always look like the bad guy no matter what. I also cannot stand when people say things like "oh I don't care about politics" Seriously? You don't care about who/why/how our taxes are used?! etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc haha 

  3. Ambitious // If there is one thing that is a serious turn off it is a lack of ambition. I want world domination. I will never stop working my ass off to get to somewhere bigger, better and farther. And I need someone who understands & supports that and will stride with me every step of the way. 

  4. Royalty // ... fuck you Megan Markle! Okay - I am kidding on this one! I just liked Prince Harry... not the whole princess thing. Or Duchess? I don't even really know how that works either. 

  5. Put together // I work in fashion... and there is nothing sexier than an Italian man in an Italian suit tailored to his body (am I right Courtney ;) BLUE FEATHER). Italian suits aside, if a man doesn't take his appearance a little bit into consideration I struggle. No I am not shallow... but take care of yourself. Or as my ex says "be the best version of yourself".

  6. Funny // this is huge - I think I am fucking hilarious!! And you have to get my stupid humour, or my dirty jokes, or when I bust out in song, or movie quotes! AND go along with me! 

  7. Travel itch // HUGE HUGE HUGE... I need to know that I can say "lets go to Morocco" and my man will want to go to! 

I think thats it?! I don't think thats too much to ask?! Lol! Do I dare ask why we make these lists?! Do we set our expectations too high?! More importantly, do we set ourselves up for failure?! Why do we have this definition of perfection?! And why do we strive for it?! 

I guess in summary, there are too many unanswered questions in dating. Lol Maybe this is why Carrie and Mr Big 'dated' for 10 years before finally getting engaged... then had a shaky ass wedding... and then a really bad breakup... and then a real wedding... lol 

It's Friday night - 11:21pm... maybe this is why I am single?! Lol I am blogging instead of being out on a Friday night looking for that crazy-imperfect-fuckedup-version of a soulmate I keep ranting about. 

Anyways - mask off! Literally... I have a seacret mask on my face and it really needs to come off! 

Chat soon // misty-dawn x

p.s. its the most wonderful time of the yearrrrr!!!! Merry Christmas!!! 



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