mstydon - an empire

if you would have asked me 5 years ago if I could see myself where I actually am today I would have laughed! first of all - 5 years ago I was... jesus sorry that took a moment lol!! I was just starting my sales career doing hard time at greyhound courier, where I learned that men can be assholes, women can be twats and that this Courtney bitch is going to be my hound-dog for life!! (fast forward a year and we are sitting in Italy on a Contiki tour together LOL) But it was an amazing first job out of university! I had just finished my degree the december before and hit the ground running! I had one of the most amazing sales managers who I ended up following to mustang after he left greyhound - mainly because the new sales manager was a c*nt.. sorry theres no other word for him. 

"if it wont matter in 5 years - don't waste a minute worrying about it today" - unknown

haha I know perfect quote right?! 5 years ago I don't even know what my biggest worries were?! Making rent, getting to Toronto to visit my then boyfriend. and now - things are changing so fast I can barely keep up! remember that blog I wrote a while ago "what is it you do now?!" - well its not even accurate anymore... thats how fast my life is changing! 

PAUSE - Tianna just walked into my store LOL oh yeah the pop-up-shop is open again haha! BRB!! **15 minutes later** Okay I am back :) 

so as I was saying, the mstydon group has evolved again!! I was working for preloved as their national sales manager and loving life - but you know me, always working towards world domination. by chance, I came across a brand that needed a rep out east and I jumped at the opportunity! (I mean its jackson rowe - wouldn't you?!) what does this mean now?! it means the mstydon group now has a wholesale fashion agency division to it - representing not one but two amazing brands! and hopefully a few more within the next week or so here! 

>> <<

the mstydon group is actually becoming the little empire that I have always wanted but had no direction for! new logos - new structure - new mstydon!! I still do photography, I still run the blog obviously, I have the pop-up-shop & now the agency! this is the opportunity of a lifetime and I plan to make the most of every second of it. 

"everything has changed - yet I am more me than I have ever been" - iain thomas

I cannot wait for this selling season coming up - Jules & I are in the KNOWSHOW & SPRY show with preloved, I am taking jackson rowe out east for the first time & I am always looking for room to move onward and upward! 

I honestly think the best part of my life is meeting all the people that I do! every single day I talk to someone new or meet someone new & I am so happy to have developed not only working relationships with these amazing men & women, but also friendships! I love all the different kinds of relationships they are too - starting with the brilliant Jules & Yuko @prelovedjules // @prelovedtoronto and Julia & Dana @xo_jacksonrowe and all the knowledge they come with to being able to just text Deb @simplybeautifulto in Toronto to hear about the junction. from contacting Cherry @cherrys_fashion_agency to tap into her mountains of wisdom, to turning to the amazing Kerry & Ariel from @dexclothing or Michelle & Kaitlyn @ellesclosetboutique for fashion tips & tricks. aaannnddddd to of course (without picking favourites) having a good laugh with (or at lol) my girls @birchhillstudio - Sierra & Kaitlyn!!

** ^^ I put all these instagram handles in there on purpose - go follow them!! ^^ **

and yes you read that right - Julia aka Jules @ preloved & Julia @ jackson rowe lol! how did I get so lucky?! I could ramble on forever about all these people but I am sure you're attention span is getting short lol and honestly I am done work for the day & just ready to go sit on my deck with a cider!

I feel like every year I forget how much I miss spring/summer in Drayton Valley! this May Long was absolutely one for the books - I cannot even blog about it because so much happened, while so much didn't happen at the same time lol TO THE SWAAAAMMMPPPPPP LOL!! 

"do no harm - but take no shit" - unknown

Well... wish me luck!! I cannot wait to share this journey with you - all 14 of you that read this haha! Yall rock!! 

chat soon // misty-dawn x